Meet Drew Strouble America's Premier Cat ArtistMeet Drew Strouble
America's Premier Cat ArtistMeet Drew Strouble America's Premier Cat Artist

"I'm seeking to capture the true spirit of the cat."

Drew Strouble (rhymes with 'noble') has been delighting the eye of appreciative fine art lovers for over 35 years. He is internationally recognized for his exquisite execution of detail and masterful command both oil and watercolor painting mediums. His collection of realistic watercolors of the domestic cat is the largest in the world by a single artist. Drew's superb technique, as well as his sensitivity, makes the complex look easy in evocatively emotional masterpieces. He is America's best-loved, premier cat artist. Visit to view and learn more about Drew’s art.

Drew earned his BFA from Ringling School of Art & Design where and also served as an instructor. His work has been on display in the Boca Museum of Art, the Jacksonville Art Museum and the New England Institute of Fine Arts. Exhibiting extensively for over thirty years now, Drew has won many top awards and honors in painting and watercolor and has received a total of five highly coveted Muse Medallions from the Cat Writer's Association. Three were for Outstanding Series of Cat Illustrations, and two for Best Single Illustration. Muse Medallions are awarded to the highest scoring annual Award of Excellence winners in each category judged

Drew's paintings and limited edition offset lithographs and giclee reproductions are in thousands private collections as well as numerous corporate collections, including those of GTE Capital Corporation, Binghamton Savings and Loan, the Ringling Permanent Collection and patron Burt Reynolds.

Drew also teaches privately one on one or small classes in his Siesta Key studio or your Sarasota area home. Check out Drew`s new website Florida Artist Retreat and find all the great ways that you can study art and paint with me while enjoying a fabulous Florida Vacation. Or, if you live in the Sarasota Florida area and would like to study painting or drawing with Drew one-on-one or small classes of 2-4 students, check out Paint With Drew Strouble I look forward to painting and sharing the joy of art with you! Call 1-941-349-2562 or email to book your very own artist retreat or to sign up for a painting class.

The Painter of Cats is also owned by Cats. CatmanDrew and his wife < a href="" title="Kim Crow is a very busy pro actress, director & voiceover talent/coach">Kim Crow Strouble share their Siesta Key home with three demanding felines.

Artist's Statement

I am the sole creator of each the original watercolor paintings on display.

The paintings are done with Winsor & Newton tube watercolors on Arches cold pressed 100% cotton watercolor paper. Using a photographic reference as a starting point, I normally create a working drawing for size, composition, and adjust lighting to improve the final painted image. Once the working drawing is completed to my satisfaction, I transfer a simple line drawing to the watercolor paper and begin laying in faint washes of color, gradually building up subsequent washes to establish colors and values. I then erase the light pencil guidelines of the transferred drawing.

I also use many other techniques to apply the watercolor to achieve the desired effects and capture various surface textures, as well as the illusion of light, and shadow. These techniques include dry brush, which is done by squeezing excess water from the brush allowing for very fine control of applying pigment to achieve sharp detail. Masking and airbrush is sometimes used to create a controlled soft edge or blurry effect in the background and/or shadows areas. Sponges are sometimes used to create rough textural surfaces. Spattering paint from brushes are also used to create specific surface textures. Basically, I use any technique that works to achieve my final vision for the painting.

My subject matter of domestic cats originates with my true love and fascination with this marvelous and amazingly adaptable animal. Since 1990, my dedication to painting cats has been a been a very fulfilling and rewarding journey. It is an honor to paint cats, portraying them in a realistic manner. So many people have told me that my work captures the essence of the cat. I think I've just touched the tip of the iceberg, celebrating the cat as it really is -- a very worthy subject for Fine Art.

I produce my own reproductions of my original work to the highest archival standards of excellence and have since inception. As a master offset lithographer and dot etcher for many years, I created all my own color separations for printing. Now through technological advances, I am using of state-of-the-art Museum Archival inks and papers to create Giclee reproductions. This rare combination of artistry and technical mastery as an artist/lithographer guarantees that your purchase will be a lasting investment for generations to come.

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding my artwork. And above all, enjoy!

Resume of Artist Drew Strouble
Media Wows & Meows
Resume of Artist Drew Strouble

Media Wows & Meows

Hi Drew, I received your Calendar and Journal today with the personal note. Thank you so much! Lukas, who helped me open the parcel, also says “thanks” for the Styrofoam peanuts. Ollie, who has only three legs, is less prone to chasing things, but says thanks as well. And I will most certainly enjoy the Calendar and Journal. All the best, Margaret

Hi Drew, Just a quick note to let you know I just received my 4th! proof of your wonderful drawings. I think that you are so gifted and I can respect how much you love those beautiful creatures just has I have my whole life. This last drawing I just received is a likeness of my cat I lost years ago. He was such a handsome boy. I miss him to this day. Great work!! I'll be in touch. PS Thank you for the shipping discount! Take Care, Chef Christine

Hi Drew, Coincidentally, we have a male seal point Siamese named Rocky! These will make a total of 6 of your Siamese prints we have. I was excited to find color ink prints in a shop in Siesta Key while on vacation in Sarasota in June this year. We first heard of you on our vacations over the years there. We have 3 seal point Siamese: Rocky and siblings Toby and Macy. "Meezers" has a particular place of honor on our mantel over the fireplace and is my favorite. Love your Meezers! Thanks, Drew. -Renee

Hello, Mr. Catmandrew! I'm reaching out to you because a while ago (5 years or so) my dad purchased a proof #5/50 of "Oasis" from you. It's by far my favorite piece of art I own... but anyways... I lost my dad 3 years ago to cancer and I know if he was alive today he'd probably one of everything you have created. But I'd like a new print of a tabby like my cat Monte Carlo, and am currently browsing your website to find the perfect one. You're the best at your craft, and I just wanted to say thank you for making me smile everytime I look at "Oasis". You're amazing. And thank you sharing your gift with the world.

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