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Custom Pet Portraits by Drew StroubleHave Drew Paint Your Cat ...Have Drew Paint Your Cat ...

(or Dog ... or Horse .... or Chipmonk .... or even Human!)

Commission America's best-loved cat painter Drew Strouble to paint a purrfect portrait of your pets ... with the people who love them.

Now you can choose from two different styles and affordable price ranges when having your favorite animal friends immortalized in an original Drew Strouble watercolor portrait! Mat and frame included!

"Highly Detailed Watercolor" starting at $995.00, or the "Loose Traditional Watercolor" starting at only $495.00. Mat and frame included! For a single or a double commission Drew Strouble pet portrait, the image size is 10 X 14 inches. The overall matted and framed size is 16 X 20 inches. For a 3 cat commission, the image size is 18 X 24 inches. The overall matted and framed size is 24 X 30 inches.

And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% - no feline around! Call Drew today at 1.800.349 MEOW (6369) or email drew@catmandrew.com for more information.

Please note: If you commission a painting, upon final payment, you will own the original work. All copyrights remain with the artist, as is standard in copyright law. The artist retains the right to reproduce, license and sell the all commissioned images at his own discretion. Feel free to inquiry about licensing, or purchasing copyrights. Or, contact Drew with any questions you may have regarding your commissioned artwork.

Click here for info re: Highly Detailed Watercolor Starting at only $995 with mat and frame included! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1. Reserve your commission time now with a 50% deposit. 2. Mail me your photos and requests. 3. Enjoy your painting for a lifetime!

Click here for info re: Loose Traditional Watercolor Starting at only $495 with mat and frame included! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1. Reserve your commission time now with a 50% deposit. 2. Mail me your photos and requests. 3. Enjoy your Drew Strouble pet portrait painting for a lifetime!

Your Letters

..." Sambuca's portrait arrived on Monday. To be honest we were really anxious about it and hoped it would be all that we wanted it to be. He was such a special boy and unlike any of our other cats. He was the sweetest and most forgiving cat that anyone ever met. All he wanted was to be with people, be loved and returned the love back to us and he was content. They say time makes the loss easier but we still miss him and always will. His portrait is magnificent. It brought tears to our eyes because it is just like looking at him. We know he was not easy to paint and he wasn’t easy to photograph either with that gorgeous black fur but you captured him perfectly. As soon as Jim saw it he said “That’s him, Sambuca is home now.” Thank you again for your talent and beautiful work. You have captured him in the same way you did our other cats and we will cherish all of them always."Love, Barbara and Jim

Hi-I am Skylar's mother, my husband Glenn commissioned you to paint Sky for me. I adore what you created! He is an awesome cat, one of the great love's of my life......my Baby! Thank you! Lori

Hi Drew! I received my picture today and I started to cry (In a happy way!) when I saw Cubby staring back at me. You captured everything about him in everyway! I just love the portrait and will treasure it forever! Thank you soooo much! My Best, Cindy

Meiko's portrait....It is beautiful. Although the picutre you worked from was taken when she was 16 years old, you have taken her back to the young, vibrant, cat she used to be. No more so that when she was outside and said to the world, "This is MY world.". Of course, she had the same attitude inside, even when inside and allowing you the priviledge of sleeping in your lap and allowing you to pet her. She had an "attitude" in those days, and that is how I like to remember her. I had almost forgotten. Thank you. Catherine
"Dear Drew, Just a quick note to let you know how very much we appreciate having The Leap. We love everything about it--including the frame. It reminds me of a cat named Opie that was in my colony for eight years. He was a wonderful cat and is greatly missed. Now his memory lives on in a beautiful painting. Our sincere thanks." Donna and Walt

Drew: I have been meaning to send you an email all week and I don’t know where the time has gone. Amaretto’s painting arrived safe and sound on Monday. When I opened it up and took the first look at it; I cried. You captured his expression perfectly. He would look at you and most people thought he had a grumpy look on his face but it was more like a ‘here I am and so what’ look. Jim thought the same when he saw it. We both love it so much. It is hanging in the living room with Smokey and Sunshine’s paintings. We still miss him (and Smokey and Sunshine too). Time has made it easier but it still hurts. Amaretto was the first cat that died from such a terrible illness but he was such a trooper even at the end. Thanks again for painting it for us. We will treasure it always. Love,Barbara and Jim

Drew: Just a note to let you know how pleased my parents were with your wonderful work. When they opened our gift, it was the culmination of a very touching 59th anniversary for our entire family. The portrait was immediately hung in a place of honor in my parent's home and will, some day, be passed onto my son -- who was also thrilled with your work. It is truly a family heirloom and I thank you again for a beautiful job. Your remarkable attention to detail and ability to capture the spirit of each cat is much appreciated ... S.H.

Hi Drew, just wanted to let you know that I was unable to pick up the portrait until yesterday (monday). It was here last Thursday, I wasn't here to get it. That's why I haven't contacted you before this. All I can say is WOW! The jpeg that you sent doesn't begin to do justice to the portrait. I know that a lot of the reviews I read on your site remarked on how life like the portraits are, but I never dreamed that you would be able to do such a remarkable job, especially considering that the photo's I sent you were far from high quality. Cleo's portrait has a almost three dimensional quality, as I look at her I almost expect her to open her mouth and give me that little raspy meow of hers! I must admit I laughed as I looked at it, you have her coat perfect. No matter how I tried she wouldn't let me brush her like I should have. I was barely able to keep ahead of getting mats in her fur. It had that exact kind of scraggly but still pretty look. I also wanted to thank you for putting the blanket in the picture. My mom made it for her and she loved it. I could go on but I'm sure you have many other portraits to do of other peoples special friends. I just want you to know that I couldn't be happier with it, and it is worth every penny and then some! Hopefully in the future I'll be able to get you to do more portraits, I promise I will send better photo's! It goes without saying that if anyone needs a recommendation I'll be more than happy to highly recommend you. Thanks again Drew, I will treasure my "Waiting for Tom" portrait! Tom Maier :)

Dear Catmandrew,

Initially after ripping open the priority packaging, we were so excited and emotional about the true likeness of the original detailed watercolor to our yellow tabby " boys." After having the watercolor for over a week, we have had some time to enjoy it on many different levels. I.E. the use of shadows, the subtle natural back round that relates to our own backyard, the details added, the color changes in the boys fur and eyes. Mr. Strouble, you were able to capture the very essence of what makes Rusty and Clay unique to us! You drew Rusty's front leg a bit crooked and in his facial expression he is saying "I want to eat and will not let you rest till I do." Clay looks relaxed like a "Thanksgiving turkey", but is ready to pounce in a second. We have had three of your signed prints of different yellow tabby's for at least five years and continue to enjoy them. Now we have our coveted original that we thought we would never be able to afford. Your special on watercolors made that happen for us.

I can't say enough about your kindness to answer questions, talking to us by telephone and surprising us with 2 art cards so we don't have to take our original out to show our co-workers and friends.

Thank you for your purrrrrrrfect original detailed watercolor, Jeff and Susan Carpenter

Hi Drew, I just wanted to let you know I saw Momo's portrait (Michaela D is my next door neighbor) and she is just beautiful!! You captured her so well! Michaela has quite a few of your prints and Momo is now in the center in the place of honor.

You painted my tabby cat Buster on the stairs about 7 years ago shortly after he passed away. I would like you to do a portrait of my cat Bridget soon. I need to go through my photos - she's almost 16 now so I have thousands! Bridget would look nice in the loose watercolor since she is solid - mostly gray with some white and a little pink nose. I will be in touch soon regarding that.

I hope to see you the next time you do a show in the Tampa Bay area. A Berg

Dear Drew, I want to thank you so very much for your wonderful portrait of Mr. Nick!! I was out of town and just received it -I couldn't wait to open the package -- I cried when I saw his face -- you captured the essence of Nick! Thank you for your wonderful work -- I am showing all of my friends (who knew Nick) and they are amazed at the likeness. Once again thank you. I will cherish this portrait forever. Sincerely, Marianne B.

Drew, I just wanted to thank you (belatedly) for the terrific job you did painting "Fat Boy". My wife loves it, and is often eager to show her friends. It hangs proudly in our foyer with some of your other prints. It is also very gratifying that his image is now available world-wide. He is a wonderful kitty, with a loving and playful personality. My Mother-in-Law also adores him and I hope to buy her a framed print of him soon. Joe G.

Dear Cat Fancy, For several months, my husband and I tried to get a photograph of our four "children together in one picture. We even hired a professional photographer to come to our house to attempt this feat, but even he was not able to get all of the cats in close proximity to each other, looking at the camera at the same time.

This summer, much to our delight, we met a talented artist Drew Strouble, who specializes in cat paintings.We gave him a stack of photographs of each of our individual cats and asked him to compose a "family portrait". He asked us about their personalities, and then went to work ...

We are very pleased with the results! Most people who see the painting think it is a photograph and ask how we were able to get all four of our cats posing for the picture. (We tell them "it was easy!") ... Dr. R. L. W.

Drew -- We have just received our "Mercedes" original and absolutely love her! You did a wonderful job. The detail work on the car is outstanding and the likeness of Mercedes is great! Every time I look at the painting, I do smile! Thank you again ... L. & B. P.

Dear Drew, After 15 long months with cancer, Chesby passed away Saturday. I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful painting. It will be my constant reminder of my wonderful best friend ... S.C.

Drew, I got Bridget's portrait late last week and I love it!! It was certainly worth the wait. You did a wonderful job capturing her eyes and her smile. She's the "Princess Bridget" and you can tell that from her portrait! (She's been training me for over 16 years now!) Thanks for adding a little more detail in the painting too. I am so pleased with her portrait and with Buster's. I hope you will make prints and note cards available of Bridget like you did of Buster so I can share them with family and friends. Again, thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you next time you do a show in the Tampa area. Annie B

Dear Drew, Just wanted to thank you for "Meri, Mittens and Tommy". I know we will enjoy it for years to come. We referred to these two kitties as Meri's brother and sister--they were very dear to us. While we would never forget them, now we have a very special reminder. It's wonderful!!!!!!!! "Boots" is a look alike for Meri's cat, also named Boots, that passed away in January of FIV. He was my grandcat! Have a wonderful summer--hopefully without hurricanes this year! I'm sure we'll see you in the Fall. Thanks again, Donna and Walt Rogers

Click here to contact Drew about painting your purrfect pet. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% - no feline around!

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