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We treasure our patrons and are proud to share with you some of their unsolicited comments.

Catman Drew is the Best artist of cat portraits that I have ever known. Recently on his website, I noticed paintings of other animals as well, such as the horse, and they were equally amazing. I now own three of his paintings and I will be coming back for more. If you own a cat or know a cat lover, you need to see his website of fantastic art work. I usually purchase The Artist's Proof, matted and framed. The prices are extremely reasonable, and multiple sizes are available, all the way down to card size. What I like the most of his site is the quick reply to any questions that I may have regarding availability of a particular work, or any other request or question. I have always received a reply in less than a few hours, if not sooner. Catman Drew is a wonderful and talented artist and one person who I love doing business with and will continue for years to come.

'Gorgeous art work only exceeded (if possible) by the helpful attitude and excellent customer service. Have made several purchases, two now and one in the past, and would not hesitate to recommend this site to one and all.' L. Weissman

Dear Drew, Just a quick note of deepest thanks for my recent order, as well as to let you know that I have had Christmas early this year: delighting in each one of your beautiful works of art was just like opening gift after gift on Christmas morning! Thank you for sharing YOUR incredible gift and talent with all of us! Best wishes and happy purrs, K. Lang and Azul Cat

Thank you, Drew...

To my delight, I received the painting this morning. I am awestruck. You are truly a master! Amazed by the detail, I sat here trying to figure out how you knew he had only one little canine tooth that stuck out (the other had been removed) - the photos I sent were not clear enough to show that. You are gifted and blessed with such talent. "Thank you" doesn't really express my gratitude. This painting will be something I will cherish all my life. Kind regards, S. Nicoletti

Dear Drew,

My stunningly beautiful cards arrived recently, and I just had to send a note to express my sincere thanks; I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of these fine cards, and I am overwhelmed with your masterly, consummate portrayal of "all things feline, great and small!"

Your ability to capture the "essence of cat" and transfer it in all its glory to canvas is nothing short of miraculous to me; I have not before found feline art which I've enjoyed more!

Thank you for sharing your outstanding talent and works of art with all of us; I will truly enjoy sending your beautiful cards to fellow cat lovers in my life, and to say the least, I will be back soon to purchase more!

Please never stop painting~~we cat lovers of the world need you! = ^~.~^ =

Sincerely, and with my best regards and appreciation,

K. Lang

Drew Strouble is a very talented artist. His cat paintings are incredible. I have purchased three so far, and absolutely love them. If you love cats, you will love his work. J. Gorman

Dear Drew,

Thank you so much for my lithographic print 1/50 –Its beautiful and the first thing you see when you enter my house – pride of place in the hall.

The moment I saw this picture on your site – I thought of my beautiful baby Dave who passed away 2 years ago last Friday, he was a truly wonderful feline, really intelligent, He used to look out of the window pondering ‘higher things’. All my cats are wonderful , but he was so very special to me.

Thanks again,

I will visit you again soon without doubt.

Hi-I am Skylar's mother, my husband Glenn commissioned you to paint Sky for me. I adore what you created! He is an awesome cat, one of the great love's of my life......my Baby! Thank you! Lori

Hi Drew! I received my picture today and I started to cry (In a happy way!) when I saw Cubby staring back at me. You captured everything about him in everyway! I just love the portrait and will treasure it forever! Thank you soooo much! My Best, Cindy

Meiko's portrait....It is beautiful. Although the picutre you worked from was taken when she was 16 years old, you have taken her back to the young, vibrant, cat she used to be. No more so that when she was outside and said to the world, "This is MY world.". Of course, she had the same attitude inside, even when inside and allowing you the priviledge of sleeping in your lap and allowing you to pet her. She had an "attitude" in those days, and that is how I like to remember her. I had almost forgotten. Thank you. Catherine

My experience of purchasing a CatmanDrew print was one of absolute delight and Drew Strouble deserves to be given the highest ratings possible for all categories.

The service received was both faultless and seemless. In actual fact, it felt like I had made the purchase in person and not from my computer in Australia.

All first-time CatmanDrew customers can feel confident that they'll be well looked after and their chosen artwork will arrive safely and on time.

I couldnt be more thrilled with my print and like many others, I'll certainly continue to support and recommend Drew's captivating work.


Hi Drew,

I wanted to say Thank You for the cat print you sent the Humane Society Madison County. It were wonderful. I am attaching a picture of it (we had it framed). It is sitting next to a handmade quilt, a signed print from Will Bullas, and a Family Fun Pack with Dog-o-poly game, tickets to the movies and zoo. The Auction was a huge success and significant funds were raised to help the animals. We will never have enough funds, but the auction did bring in funds to help for several months. We have another auction on the smaller scale at the beginning of November and then next year will be the 5th Spring Auction/Dinner.

Thank you again for your kind donation of your print We really do appreciate the help. By the way, my husband purchased the print. We don't even own a cat (four large dogs with 3 of them not liking cats). But my husband fell in love with the print. He said it just was so life like. Thanks again. Sincerely, Betty

Dearest Sir

Your work .. is .. so beautiful. I cannot tell you how much your passion shows through the strokes. Tonight I was just randomly looking through sites because I was bored and so sad. But yet when I stumbled on y our site I couldn't help but feel amazed at the beauty a human can create and capture. Thank you. Thank you for keeping your passion and not giving it up. Thank you for sharing it with us. Bless you .. truly. And I am a cat fan. I love the storm watcher. Reminds me of my mom's persian .. Teddy. Oh and I love that quote you have up there from Yeats.

"The cat went here and there And the moon spun round like a top, And the nearest of kin of the moon, The creeping cat looked up ... Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?" William Butler Yeats

For some reason .. it made me think to my self. Despite how the world is. Despite how people hurt you. A cat .. always looks up at you with those eyes of unconditional love. And it beckons you to dance with them. love them without a care in the world. *smiles* I'm poetic. I just wanted to tell you thank you for the beauty you created with your heart and soul.

Ami of Springfield Mo


I received the prints, and Thank You for the expedient service! The prints are just beautiful:) I will be ordering more shortly! Denise

Dear Drew,

I really want to thank you for the personal service that you give your customers. You very rarely see that anymore, especially on the Internet. It is always a pleasure purchasing your wonderful work. It gives me pleasure knowing that it will be truly loved. I look forward to purchasing more work from you. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and the personal service! Cyndi

This was an excellent merchant to deal with - the quality of the work is excellent, and he provided quick response to my order, was courteous, took a personal interest in the order. Thank you Paola

Hi Drew!

I received "Pillow Talk" today and I love it! You have captured the look of love and contentment perfectly (purrrfectly). You are my new favorite artist and I think your work is amazing! I volunteer for Forgotten Felines. I specialize in the care of kittens. All of our cats are rescues. I wish I had more wall space to hang more of your work. The eyes are hypnotic, and the details of the fur are very realistic. I think your work is getting better and better. I look forward to seeing your future pieces. JoEllen

Drew, I was out of the office for a few days, but the sketch was waiting for me here when I got back. I can't begin to thank you enough for your beautiful artwork. It was exactly what I wanted and you captured all three of my children at the peak of maximum cuteness!

Everyone in my office is amazed at the great work you've done (I'm sure you'll be seeing a few orders from them later on) -- and my husband, Billy, the father of Forest, Hamilton & Little Bear, will be delighted to see this Christmas morning. (It's a gift from all three of them.)

If I can ever provide a reference for you and the quality of work that you do, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again. Best, Jill

Hey, what a guy! (I bet you were a cat in a former life!)... I currently have 5 feline housemates, 3 saved from the street/abusive homes. Your beautiful and sensitive work is so telling as to how cats speak through their eyes/body language. Rest assured I will be placing future orders! Diane

Drew: I have been meaning to send you an email all week and I don’t know where the time has gone. Amaretto’s painting arrived safe and sound on Monday. When I opened it up and took the first look at it; I cried. You captured his expression perfectly. He would look at you and most people thought he had a grumpy look on his face but it was more like a ‘here I am and so what’ look. Jim thought the same when he saw it. We both love it so much. It is hanging in the living room with Smokey and Sunshine’s paintings. We still miss him (and Smokey and Sunshine too). Time has made it easier but it still hurts. Amaretto was the first cat that died from such a terrible illness but he was such a trooper even at the end. Thanks again for painting it for us. We will treasure it always. Love,Barbara and Jim

"Cute print! It'll look nice in my clinic!", L.K.

"Always visit your booth at local craft fairs in Delray and Ft. Lauderdale. Currently have 9 framed prints of yours - a whole gallery! This will make 13. I have 7 cats of my own - all unwanted prior to meeting me!", E. K.

Hi Drew, we got the calico cat art and it looks great! We had to buy it because it looks so much like our cat Sadie. We are sending you a picture of her so you can see what we mean. Thanks again, Mark & Tami

Hi, I received my prints and am absolutely thrilled with them. They are so beautiful and truly capture the majestic qualities of the Siamese. Thanks so much, Marian

Dear Drew,

I love your cats!!! As you may have guessed, to me they represent cats in my own life -- you've captured them purr- fectly. The cat in formal attire belongs to (i.e., owns) a friend of mine, and another friend is owned by the calico cat on the perch. The temptress is Puff, who was a cher- ished member of our family for eleven wonderful years. The lap lion is Pompom, who spent fourteen wonderful years on our laps. And Figaro is our present cat, our pre- cious Eve, who strayed into our house and into our hearts and taught us not to be such snobs about pedigrees.

Oh -- and the "Take Your Pick" cats are the multicolored art glass cats that I collect!

I don't have the words to tell you how incredibly gifted you are, but luckily you don't need me to. Let's just say that I can't wait to start sending fabulous cat notes to everybody I know!!!

Thank you very, very much!!!



"Dear Drew,My Mom received her picture today!!!!! She absolutely loves it, she is just soooooooooo happy and is just raving about it!!!!!!!! My sister and family friends just love it as well.........Awesome!!!!! I wish I was there myself to see it!!!! My Mother said it was wrapped so beautifully too!!!! I can't thank you enough for your quick response to my e-mail, also for your helpfulness & kindness, Plus the fact that she received it soooooooooo quick!!! Again, I am ever so grateful...... Kind regards, Meegan

"My husband recently lost his beloved feline companion and I purchased some of Mr. Drew's lovely paintings in card format as a gift. Mr.Drew was not only quick to send my order but also e-mailed a personal note to my husband extending sympathy for his loss. I cannot tell you how touched we were. Mr.Drew is a talented artist, a kind soul and my shopping experience at his site was all that I could wish." Sincerely, R. González

"I am very pleased with my purchase. Delivery was very prompt and the art work is just beautiful. I can almost hear it meow!"

I highly recommend CatmanDrew to anyone wanting good service utilizing the internet. I ordered during the Christmas holiday and still received my request in a very timely manner. You would think that he had Reindeer delivering for him :-) As for Catman Drew, he was kind enough to personalize a card expressing concern for my son, whose Siamese cat had recently died. How much more can anyone expect. Five star service and a hand written note. Outstanding in my book any day. Well done, CatmanDrew. Thank you so very much. The artwork I ordered is a pleasure to gaze upon. Anyone can use this site and rest easy about the order, the service and the final results. Thanks again, I will return.

Thank you Drew!! I received my print (Starlight) in the mail today.. and it is beautiful!! I can't thank you enough!! God Bless You!! Bev

Hi Drew! I received the print yesterday and he's just adorable! Thank you for your excellent and personal service! It's a welcome change in the online market! Have a great weekend! >^..^< Erica

A very gifted artist. His work is elegantly warm and beautiful. The communication for the order was delightfully handled. The price is VERY fair for the quality af the work and the fine reproduction. I recommend the experience of looking at the site ( and then it will not be possible to NOT make a purchase!) and buying something from the Stroubles. A very happy experience for me! E. Culberson

Our beloved big orange cat recently passed away and for Christmas I bought "On Top of the World" for my dad. He loves it and it made us all cry and laugh. Tommy was always our #1. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to share that moment with my family. Many Smiles, Heather

I am so pleased with my artwork. My mother-in-law recently lost her beloved Russian Blue and your portrait will thrill her. No where else was I able to find such quality and selection. I've told everyone about your site and hope to do lots more business with you! Thank you for making one little old lady's Christmas extra special! Robert C.

Dear CatMan and lovely Kim, You never disappoint me. Your fabulous paintings arrived and I am overwhelmed. They are wonderful and charm a cat lover's senses. If you go very close you can almost hear them purr. You have captured the essence of these magnificent animals with grace, wit and style. You are a fantastic talent and I am so proud to own your work. Thank you for the opportunity. I will go shopping again soon in your Cat-alogue. Warmest wishes to you both! Kathy PS. The Odd Couple is aready hung and Peep is going to my framer and will be lovingly placed in a frame worthy of the Mona Lisa.

Dear Drew, Being an animal lover, I was thrilled to know about your site. My 3 critters (dog, cat and turtle) are all saved or rescued animals. Your wonderful gift will be sent to a friend of mine who, as of today, shelters 25 stray and feral cats and, after getting all the necessary shots and medications, attempts to place them in loving homes. She will be just thrilled, I know. Thanks for the speedy mailing and the tracking info. But most importantly ... God bless for all the wonderful work (cat funding) you do. Thanks again and happy holidays to you. Sue

Drew!!!! I love your art. You are so well represented in my home. And everyone asks about you and loves your cats ... One can't be too rich or too thin or have too many cats! And too many cat paintings by my favorite cat artist Drew. Thank you, Drew! Kathy

Dear Mr. Strouble, I just purchased "Ginger" and "Quiet Trust" ... (and) wanted to tell you how much pleasure they have given me. Sometimes I find myself just gazing at "Ginger" and the feeling is one of such calm. Thank you for sharing you talent. A Fan, Carol S. and April (my cat)

>Drew, I just wanted to thank you (belatedly) for the terrific job you did painting "Fat Boy". My wife loves it, and is often eager to show her friends. It hangs proudly in our foyer with some of your other prints. It is also very gratifying that his image is now available world-wide. He is a wonderful kitty, with a loving and playful personality. My Mother-in-Law also adores him and I hope = to buy her a framed print of him soon. Joe G.

I discovered Drew's work at arts and crafts shows in Lee County - Cape Coral and Sanibel. I have had some small prints for several years. I bought them because they looked like my cats. I am so glad I did because those two cats have passed away and I have these beautiful prints to remind me of them. I'm so glad you have a website as I don't get to the art shows much anymore. Mary M.

Just beautiful -- thanks for selling these prints! -- Sallie

Beautiful, Drew's work is magical. And dealing with him was a pleasure . PERFECT!

Beautiful work of art!! Great packaging and fast shipping. Thanks so much!

Oh my, what a talent. Thank you so much for what will be a treasured piece.


Most beautiful cat art ever! Very realistic and absolutely perfect. 100x thanks!


Beautifully rendered Feline- I'd swear "Reverie" was really OUR Cat, though!


Beautiful artwork! Prompt emails & delivery, highly recommend!

Fine transaction, absolutely beautiful print, timely ship Thank you so much!

extraordinary human being! perfect synthesis of dalai lama & mother theresa

Fast Shipping Excellent packing,Great emails - The Cat's Meow!!!!

Such a fabulous artist. I wish I could buy all his artwork! Fast ship!

Beautiful painting! Pleasure to deal with this gentleman!

I couldn't have found a more beautiful gift for my daughter. Thank you.

An artist with a Gift!!!!! Product packaged well. Thanks Catmandrew!

quick and painless, better than a cowboy dentist! Go for it.

Mr. Strouble gave me personal attention when handling my account. Rare.

beautiful print, excellent packaging, I love your artwork!- WONDERFUL! THANKYOU!

No better service... 100% satisfaction ... honest representation, thanks!

Terrific. You do beautiful paintings. Thank you so much.

Beautiful....could not be nicer...looks just like my Leo cat. Wonderful

Better than expected! Can't wait until I can afford more prints!

I ordered four prints, They arrived perfectly and just what I expected!

Dear CatManDrew, I shopped on-line and placed an order with you on Thanksgiving Day for 'Mothers Love' and received it today. I am so very pleased with it. I hoped that it would look as nice as the picture online and it's even better! This is a gift for a very good friend, and I can hardly wait 'til Christmas to see her reaction! A million thanks!

Incredible artist, wonderful merchant, a must for lovers of cats and art!

Hello! I just wanted to comment on your beautiful artwork! I just bought 'Don't Leave' and 'Fatboy' at the art festival in Akron, Ohio. It is amazing how realistic they look! I can't stop looking at them! I visited your website today which is also amazing! You capture the true personality of a cat, and the looks on their faces, are incredible, especially in 'Don't Leave' it warms my heart. Keep up the great work, I am so happy to have gotten the opportunity to see your work!!!!!! I have 4 cats so it is great to see how you paint them interacting with each other, how they do in life, precious! Happy Customer! M

At long last, a site devoted to the cat lover in me and all of us. just a quick question, is it possible to get a picture of the only true artist (catmandrew) screenprinted on a pair of slipper socks? if so, how much? thanks and a big meow. ethan ps catmandrew i love you
(Ethan's Artwork of Drew is at the top right of this page )pps i've attached a little art work of my own: I'd be delighted and honored if you posted the picture on your website, and feel free to quote at will. Thank mew very much!

"Hello Drew, Thank you for the captivating "Nice View" print. It gives off such a pleasurable feeling of warmth and relaxation, peace and quietude. The cat's expression says it all. He's contemplating the world or perhaps his next nap! I admire the way you've displayed the multiple subtle colors of his white fur. I also like the way you've created the background and the way it emphasizes his face. I just love it. Thank you! You must be a true cat lover. How many cats own you?! Three cats share our house and they definitely rule the roost! Your website is saved as one of my Cat Favorites. I will check back often to see your new pieces." Regards, Nancy

Simply a pleasure! Thank you. Heather

Comments: 5 stars for Drew! arrived on time, safely packaged, with a nice note from the artist.

Comments: Catman Drew definitely knows customer service ! Great followup and prompt delivery as well as reasonalble prices for fabulous artwork !

An excellent buying experience. Mr. Strouble was responsive and shipped immediately. The print arrived within two days and in excellent condition.

CatmanDrew = Outstanding product and personal service! A total professional!

I am planning to purchase another piece of art for my daughters birthday in May. Drew is an excellant merchant.

: A great pleasure to deal with. I shall certainly be purchasing more from him!!The site is user friendly and the service is personal! A great asset to Yahoo!!!!

I purchased a commissioned painting, therefore I will not have the end product until sometime down the road. However, I know his work & have met him in person & I am sure our painting will be everything & more that we hope for. Drew did follow up immediately upon receipt of my order with an e-mail & U.S. Post delivered confirmation.

I have enjoyed my whole shopping experience at catmandrew.com I am very satisfied with my purchase. I started small, just 4 cat cards, but they are just beautiful! His website is really great, but it can't even begin to show what his works look like in real. I've shown these off at the office and one was sent to my daughter who has a large Sealpoint Himalayan cat, she loves the card, it looks so much like her cat. I got free shipping for buying more than 2 items and the purchase was so easy and quick, and arrived here in such a short time. I will definitely shop there again, soon I hope and I encourage all cat lovers to do so too! Thank you, Drew you are so very talented, my prints are so purrfect! See ya again.

Great quick feedback and speedy service. Plus the artwork is *beautiful*! We are very pleased.


I was very happy with they way Mrs. (CatmanDrew) Kim stayed with me until my pictures arrived. She always answered my mail right way. Cyndi

Excellent products & personal service! Highly recommended! :o)

Hi Drew, I received your Calendar and Journal today with the personal note. Thank you so much! Lukas, who helped me open the parcel, also says “thanks” for the Styrofoam peanuts. Ollie, who has only three legs, is less prone to chasing things, but says thanks as well. And I will most certainly enjoy the Calendar and Journal. All the best, Margaret

Hi Drew, Just a quick note to let you know I just received my 4th! proof of your wonderful drawings. I think that you are so gifted and I can respect how much you love those beautiful creatures just has I have my whole life. This last drawing I just received is a likeness of my cat I lost years ago. He was such a handsome boy. I miss him to this day. Great work!! I'll be in touch. PS Thank you for the shipping discount! Take Care, Chef Christine

Hi Drew, Coincidentally, we have a male seal point Siamese named Rocky! These will make a total of 6 of your Siamese prints we have. I was excited to find color ink prints in a shop in Siesta Key while on vacation in Sarasota in June this year. We first heard of you on our vacations over the years there. We have 3 seal point Siamese: Rocky and siblings Toby and Macy. "Meezers" has a particular place of honor on our mantel over the fireplace and is my favorite. Love your Meezers! Thanks, Drew. -Renee

Hello, Mr. Catmandrew! I'm reaching out to you because a while ago (5 years or so) my dad purchased a proof #5/50 of "Oasis" from you. It's by far my favorite piece of art I own... but anyways... I lost my dad 3 years ago to cancer and I know if he was alive today he'd probably one of everything you have created. But I'd like a new print of a tabby like my cat Monte Carlo, and am currently browsing your website to find the perfect one. You're the best at your craft, and I just wanted to say thank you for making me smile everytime I look at "Oasis". You're amazing. And thank you sharing your gift with the world.

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